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deciding how to dispose of the ashes of a deceased loved one is not easy nevertheless you have several choices like interring the remains in a burial plot placing, extract from a scattering by christopher reid books - after being pipped at the finishing line several times irish writer edges out favourite hilary mantel to win costa novel category, meridiem a scattering time popmatters - a scattering time plays like an emblem of a different era because it is an emblem of no era a haunting and formless musical work full of pitch dark textural turns, what is a scattering garden cremation com - what is a scattering garden a scattering garden is a plot of land set aside for scattering the cremated remains of humans or pets the scattering garden is usually, scatter definition of scatter by merriam webster - define scatter to cause to separate widely to cause to vanish to fling away heedlessly squander scatter in a sentence, scattering dictionary definition scattering defined - scattering definition 1 separating and going in various directions 2 distributed over a wide area esp at irregular intervals 3 distributed in small numbers, scatter dictionary definition vocabulary com - 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